2 Door Upright Freezers


Model #:GN680F2

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  • Model: GN680F2
  • Exterior Dimensions W*D*H:29″X33″X81″
  • Net Volume(L):564
  • Temperature Range(°F):0~-8°F
  • Cooling System:Ventilated
  • Type of Controller:Digital Display
Exterior Dimensions (inches) W*D*H 29"x33"x81" 29"x33"x81" 56"x33"x81" 56"x33"x81"
Net Volume(L) 56456412151215
Temperature Range(°F) -0~-8°F -0~-8°F -0~-8°F -0~-8°F
Cooling System VentilatedVentilatedVentilatedVentilated
Type of Controller DigitalDigitalDigitalDigital


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